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The 2 in 1 sustainable hanger bag!
The H+ bag - what a great piece of innovation. Absolutely in love with it. 

From bag to hanger in just three steps!


The future needs fixing

Helping people hack the stuff they already have - the Sugru story (h/t to Helen Walters)

A bit obsessed with Sugru this week.



i think @dens is rocking a galaxy s3 in this video. great video, great ad, great product, great company


"Ignore the haters" says Dennis Crowley. 


Silicon Valley’s Innovation Secret

Booz & Company and the Bay Area Council Economic Institute set out to identify the “secret sauce” that makes the San Francisco Bay Area a global innovation leader. According to research, the region’s success stems not just from its institutions or the research budgets of its companies. It comes from a deeply ingrained innovation culture that permeates the business and research community and distinguishes the Bay Area from its competitors.

What IS the Bay Area’s secret sauce?


Three months before Laika’s 3-D stop-motion feature ParaNorman was set to start production, the company’s breakthrough workflow technology—making puppet faces via 3-D color printing—was spitting out disasters.

“They looked awful,” says Brian McLean, Laika’s director of rapid prototyping (RP, or 3-D printing). “The skin tones were terrible and inconsistent. What you saw on the computer screen was completely different than what printed out. There were some ‘Oh shit!’ moments when we realized we’d jumped head first into shooting this movie using this process, and we now had to figure out a way to make it work.”

By sheer force of will, scientific process, and ulcer medication, McLean’s team solved the system quirks.

Behind ParaNorman’s Breakthrough 3-D-Printing-Driven Animation Process

Ulcer medication is a key part to any innovation process.


Ever wonder how innovation “really” works?



here at hyperbrand were geeky, so you dont have to be! Which does mean that when we come accross things that excite us we will share them with you, but only in the hope that it will make your day a little pinch better. The moment I saw this last night I new that this would be on the blog first thing this morning. Google have been slow recently with innovation, apart from rumors of a google glasses product and some very innovative viral videos they havent really been advertising how they pushing the corners of the web as we know it. 

Or at least until this project was released - the chrome experiment they has nailed it, working in conjunction with the london science museum they have developed five interactive projects, where internauts interact with a series of physical projects that are set up in the science museum. This is definitely worth a play if you have yet to take a look and it looks like here at hyperbrand we are going to start brushing up on our HTML5. 

Welcome to the future!


From: Adfreak

Awesome way to keep your edgy and attract all the right kinds of attention. Innovative advertisement!

Very cool ad!

Small businesses are innovating at unprecedented levels.

(via chiefdata)


Crazy cool interactive billboard, created for TNT’s show PERCEPTION

Innovative advertising and innovative technology come together to do the impossible… stop New Yorkers in their tracks and make them pay attention.