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here at hyperbrand were geeky, so you dont have to be! Which does mean that when we come accross things that excite us we will share them with you, but only in the hope that it will make your day a little pinch better. The moment I saw this last night I new that this would be on the blog first thing this morning. Google have been slow recently with innovation, apart from rumors of a google glasses product and some very innovative viral videos they havent really been advertising how they pushing the corners of the web as we know it. 

Or at least until this project was released - the chrome experiment they has nailed it, working in conjunction with the london science museum they have developed five interactive projects, where internauts interact with a series of physical projects that are set up in the science museum. This is definitely worth a play if you have yet to take a look and it looks like here at hyperbrand we are going to start brushing up on our HTML5. 

Welcome to the future!



Enter Web Lab, a series of interactive Chrome Experiments made by
Google that bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life.

A first-of-its-kind web-based exhibition live from the Science
Museum in London and open to the world online at

Worldwide visitors both online and in-museum are able to make music with
people across the world; trace routes across the internet’s vast
network and discover where images are stored; watch their portrait
being processed and drawn by a robot; and travel instantly to far away

See the magic of the web come to life at


Have you heard the news about Marissa Mayer’s big move to CEO of Yahoo(ooooooooo)? Hopefully she’ll use some of her own wisdom and bring these “9 Principles of Innovation” to work at turning things around at Yahoo.

This morning during his talk at ExpoManagement in Madrid, Bernardo Hernandez, Director of Product at Google, showed the audience this incredible video of the first self-driving car user. 


“His first piece of advice: Go big. When your vision is large in scope, it’s easier to get the capital you need, the top-shelf employees you want, and ultimately, the acquisition offer you hope for.”

David Lawee of Google shares how to get, and keep, a big company’s attention.

(via Want to get acquired by Google? Google VP explains how to go big | VentureBeat )

Google Glasses, Google X & WOBI on Google Currents.

First off, the picture relates to this story and video on Huffington Post:

Google Shows Off, Teases Augmented Reality Spectacles

Secondly, the WOBI blog today features a video and post on Top Secret Google X.

And finally, we’re thrilled to launch WOBI on Google Currents.  Follow that link to download the app and to subscribe to free updates.

6 Ways Google Hacks Its Cafeterias So Googlers Eat Healthier

In pursuit of that healthiness, happiness, and innovation, Google has turned to “nudges”: simple, subtle cues that prompt people to make better decisions. Behavioral economists have shown the idea works, but Google has taken it out of the lab and into the lunchroom. This is a sampling of the encouragement you’d get during trips through the company’s eateries—and naturally, Google is measuring the results.

Wonderful? Weird? Brilliant? Creepy? All of the above? We’re not sure but it’s totally intriguing. Click through for the full article — it’s worth it.

Can OpenGeocoder Fill the Platform Gap Left by Google Maps?

By Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb


Google is developing new futuristic glasses that could spell the end for mobile phones. The specs would have screens instead of lenses, to show text messages, emails and webpages. Although they may seem like something out of a science fiction movie, the glasses are believed to be part of Google’s ‘Google X’ project.

Google, just picked as one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative companies, scores big <3 with this original Valentine’s Day animation.